Surveying Services

Surveying is a complex profession with many sub-specializations.  Here are a few services that I specialize in and would be happy to have a conversation with you about.  I will help you understand the specifics of each and which will be the best service to meet your needs.  I always say "the first conversation is free", so reach out to me today! Call today and I will help guide you towards a solution.  

Topographic Surveying

Collective or individual features both natural and cultural, improvements, significant changes in character of land and relief which are tied to a point on the survey line or are intersected by it.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

What is an ALTA Land Title Survey?

A land survey is an important process for property owners, real estate buyers, landscapers, and developers. Land surveys reveal vital information about a piece of real property, such as its boundaries, physical features, potential encumbrances, easements, and mortgages.

The best way to ensure a land survey fulfills industry standards and requirements is through a professional surveyor. Not all surveys produce the necessary results – the most well-esteemed land surveys in the industry are those from the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) now part of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS).

Boundary Surveys & Property Line Adjustments

A Boundary Survey (Record of Survey) is the act of locating boundary monumentation and measuring their relationship in an effort to retrace the land described in your deed document. 

A Property Line Adjustment reconfigures one or more parcels/lots in an effort to meet the current needs/wants of the property owners.

These surveys are regulated by local and state codes and statutes.

Partition Plats & Subdivisions

A Partition Plat is much like a boundary survey but it divides a unit of land to create not more than three parcels of land within a calendar year. 

A Subdivision is a lot like a Partition Plat but it creates more than four units of land and is typically accompanied by public infrastructure improvements. 

All platting needs to meet both local and state codes and statutes.

UAS/Drone Mapping

Drone mapping (sometimes called drone surveying) is a fairly straightforward way to collect data with drones. As its name suggests, it involves mapping an area of your choice with a drone to produce all kinds of useful outputs like an orthomosaic, digital elevation models, and 3D models. Drone mapping allows a level of highly detailed data collection across a large area that isn’t possible through satellite images or traditional ground surveying.

3D Scanning & Modeling

We live in a 3D world, so why don't we build you a 3D model?  LiDar scanning provides us the opportunity to map or model an area or object in high detail.  These models are the basis of the next level of design.